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We have developed a core of children in the village to come to church on special occasions – primarily Christmas and Easter, and also occasional Mothering Sunday services and Harvest Festivals over the years. Our aim is to try to encourage this participation by young children in order to nurture a new generation of churchgoers. It is not an easy task in today’s world where so many secular activities happen on Sundays but it is a worthwhile challenge.

On the left, a photograph of the nativity scene at last year’s carol service.


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Shellrock Weekly News - 13th October

For those who didn’t make it on Wednesday evening, you missed a thoroughly good presentation by the Revd Dr Peter Herbert on ‘Science and Religion’, our recent Shellrock Talk.  He obviously knew his subjects and his delivery was one of great enthusiasm; I, for one, felt informed and challenged as well as entertained.  Thank you to all who came to hear the talk, to RSP for providing a warm venue and to the ‘Refreshment Ladies’ for the tea and coffees.

Another huge “Thank You” to everyone who supported the MacMillan Coffee Morning last Sunday at St Peter, Little Ellingham.  Considering the atrocious weather, it was so good to see so many of you coming along and enjoying the refreshments on offer and contributing to the £211 that was taken.  All the donations will be sent to the charity.

It is hard to say whether the recent Brexit talks between PM Johnson and PM Varadkar will come to anything; but where there is a will there is a way!  The whole process has been gladiatorial in its style so we must consider ourselves fortunate that only words are being slung between the opposing sides rather than bullets and bombs; progress of a sorts at least.

It is all fodder for the media of course, but what about the aftermath.  There are going to be many people who will feel let down whatever the outcome, so necessitating a degree of reconciliation.  Of course Jesus showed us the way.  Let down many times by his weak and rebellious followers, he nevertheless always kept the door open to them, no matter how much he was hurt by their actions.  It is never too late for a new beginning.

Let the Love of God comfort you, the teaching of Jesus Christ guide you and the power of the Holy Spirit give you strength.

Have a good week.




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